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Hanna_S 07-10-2014 06:26 AM

Tips For a Sound Nights Sleep
Getting a sound nights sleep can effect your weight more than you realize. Running on low energy means that you are more likely to go for the wrong foods that release energy quickly.

1) Try not to drink caffeinated drinks before bed time. If you really fancy that cup of Tea or Coffee then try de-caf.

2) Keep a note pad by your bed to write down any thoughts that are keeping you up. They can wait until tomorrow!

3) Burn off that extra energy by going for a walk or a swim. If you have been eating high energy carbohydrate based foods during the day you may find that you have excess energy to burn. Studies have also shown that walking reduces your stress levels as well as increasing your fitness.

4) Having a bath helps to relax your muscles and makes you feel sleepy. Try using lavender scented bubble bath to make your bath extra calming.

5) Smoking can lead to sleep deprivation. Those who smoke are more likely to wake in the night and will find it harder to drop off.

6) Eating too much late at night can keep you up and mean that you gain weight. By fueling up before bed you are unable to burn the additional energy, meaning that it will be stored.

7) Chilly feet can upset your sleep patterns, so put on a pair of socks if you want to sleep well this winter.

RonaldoAllen 07-10-2014 08:49 AM

For getting good sleep it is important to eat less specially in dinner. Regular morning exercise is also helpful in this matter. For good sleep also try yoga because it provides freshness to the body an mind.

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