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Default Advanced weigth loss tips?

First a little about me:
28 year old male
310lbs, 35% body fat

My goal is to lose fat, end goal weight of around 220lbs wtih 16% body fat. Ultimately, I want to look good.

I have been working out consistently for about 8 months now. I started with a trainer, but transitioned to lifting weights 3x a week and doing Insanity. Once I finished that, I started doing tire flips (600lbs) and ocassionally puppy crossfit.

Now I lift weights 5 days a week in the morning ( approx. and hour) and do various High Intensity Cardio ( 30-45 minutes) 4 nights a week. I am having issues keeping on a diet while doing the HIC.

I want to lift weights more often. What would be better for losing fat, doing the same muscle group 2x in a day or different groups (not to do the same group more than 2x in 48 hours)? I'm also open to any advice! thanks

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Hi there! First off, congrats on 8 months of consistent workouts! That's no easy feat! Second, this is not exactly the forum where you're going to find a lot of information regarding exercise (no offense to anyone here!). The discussions here revolve more around diet. Having said that, I do have some experience with lifting and aiming to change my body composition. Definitely don't lift for the same body part 2x a day. This will not help you lose body fat but will break down your muscle and not allow enough time for recovery. When it comes to losing body fat, diet is essential.

Have you done much reading on lifitng and diet? A few books I would suggest are Body For Life and The New Rules of Lifting. If books aren't your thing, maybe a website like bodybuilding.com might be a good forum to get advice on diet and exercise.

All the best to you!
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One more thing! If bodybuilding.com is too hardcore for you and you're just looking for somewhere to post and be accountable with your own personal goals...then this is the place for you! I didn't want to sound like I was rushing you out the door or something! LOL!! There is an accountability/motivational thread that starts up every Monday where many of us here post. You'll find it in the Motivation and Support forum. Please feel welcome to join us!
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For any kind of training and advanced weight lose information a boot camp is always best. I have my own training center and I inform you all to join my boot camp for getting so many training programs.
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