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Originally Posted by ToriD1012 View Post
The only time I have actually been called fat by another fat person was years ago when I was about 65-70 lbs thinner than I am now. A friend and I had went to a hockey game and a guy behind us was being REALLY obnoxious. He had nothing to say about the actual game, but had LOTS to say about anyone that wasn't of his racial background. He would randomly tell his friend 'If you give me five bucks, I bet I can start something with that guy.' We tried to take the high road but it got to the point that we went and reported him to customer relations. While my friend was filling out the paperwork, I had the task of showing security where the guy was sitting. As I was pointing him out, his friend was walking up the steps to the concourse and shouted back, "Hey, the fat girls told on you!" And being as short tempered as I am, I almost lost it. The guy easily had 150 lbs on me and all I really remember coming out of my mouth was "Really??? You're calling ME fat???? Have you looked in the mirror?????".....as the cop was holding me back. The police officer had to quietly remind me that I didn't need to end up in jail over some loud mouth jackass. It's probably the closest I've ever come to actually punching someone. Not one of my finer moments, I'm usually more dignified while in public. All it took was a couple of beers and a moron, and I forgot all my manners
I'm glad you didn't get arrested. Personally people like that don't deserve your good manners but on the other hand it is better if you can keep them. I don't blame you at all for your response.
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Originally Posted by wildbeanerz View Post
I remember one day a girl who I used to work with came to me in tears. She had a baby about 5 months before and someone asked her when the next one was due. She still had a lot of baby belly left. I told her that she should have said..."I might be fat but my hubby still sleeps with me every night. How about you?" ... Well, I used a little harsher language. It brightened her mood anyway.
That's awesome
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I think it is always extremely rude to call someone fat, doesn't matter what your own size is. But yeah, some people just make you want to ask them if they own any mirrors. Not very long ago I found out about one of my boyfriend's mates: apparently he keeps telling him I am fat. Which is kind of obvious, not really a secret, is it? It's not like he's opening my bf's eyes to a universal, unknown truth. Needless to say, I got pissed, but I found some kind of twisted comfort in the fact that this specific gentleman is ugly as hell and has to look way up to look me in the eye (and believe me, I am quite short).

Nevertheless, I'd much rather have him keeping his opinion to himself. Doesn't it make you angry when people have the urge to judge your appearance out loud? Even if their opinion is generally positive, I really don't appreciate it. If I want it, I'll ask for it, thanks.
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