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amylee32 05-22-2010 01:29 PM

Well, confession time. I hit my first 'big' goal this week, I lost 50 pounds. I am excited! But, somewhere in the last few days my thinking changed. For the last 2 months, I have felt like I was barely hanging on, barely managing to keep myself in check. Once I hit that 50 pounds, I started thinking "Hey, I know what I'm doing. This isn't so hard". I didn't log my foods for the last few days, I just figured I knew what I was eating and was fine. I stepped on the scale this morning and put on a little bit of weight. Not much, but enough to kick my butt back into gear. I went back and logged what I ate and I ate WAY too many carbs the last few days. My foods weren't balanced. I drank wayyyy too much Diet Coke, not enough water. I was a naughty girl. :( So, I guess I fell off the diet wagon. Time to pick myself up, dust myself up and get back at it.

Has this happened to any of you? What do you do to prevent it?

traceymc1985 05-22-2010 02:51 PM

Hi Amylee first i want to say a massive well done for losing 50lbs! Also yes i have done the same-ive gone from 16st 10lbs to my current weight of 12st 1lb. I did it with weightwatchers and left the meetings thinking that i could do it on my own and i slipped back into my old habits and put half a stone back on. Ive now got that extra weight back off thanks to fitday!
I now do the points system at home and its proving alot easier now ive got the fantastic support from the forum and im much more focused.
I just had to train myself and get back the mindset that i had when losing weight. For me i lost my willpower and my confidence was low and if im down in the dumps i eat bad so i solved the bad issues and got back on track. Dont be too harsh on yourself you did it before and you can do i again. Good Luck

EMS1981 05-26-2010 05:52 AM

I have no advice I just wanted to say congrats on losing 50! :D

almeeker 05-26-2010 04:56 PM

I'm not at goal yet, but I have an exit plan. Here's what I'm thinking. When I hit goal I'm going maintain for a while and if I can manage that I'm going to start giving myself Sundays off. I'm not going to log my cals, and I'm going to eat what I want or at least eat without calculating out the calories in advance. If I can do that and not go up the scale for 6 months, then I'm going to not log on Sat and Sun. And see how that goes for 6 months. So my plan for maintenance is to watch my calories M-F and go off plan on Sat & Sun for the rest of my life. I pretty much figure I can't do more damage in 2 days than I can fix in 5, right? Well unless those 2 days include a whole cheese cake each...

Lizzycritter 05-26-2010 08:20 PM

I plan to never leave the calorie logging again. It works for me. I will gain without it. I'm getting older, and the days where I could eat whatever I wanted are behind me, but that doesn't mean I have to be a fat frumpy soccer mom. When I get to where I'm going, I will give myself days off here and there, but not more than once a week. I also have a goal range of 132-138 planned, because saying 135 is just too strict in my mind.

I'm also in the middle of a mountain of laundry. Now that I've got new clothes, everything that's too big (even if it's just a little big) is getting bagged up and will be given away. I can't let myself get fat if I have nothing to wear, right? lol!

wannabefitgrl 05-26-2010 10:58 PM

I'll be honest and say that I don't even use the food log. It's nice when I have new foods and I need to find their nutritional values and such, but on a daily basis, I find it tedious to enter every little bit of food I ate, especially since I like to make a big pot of soup and eat it for lunch all week. I don't measure out every type of veggie I put into the soup so measuring out exactly one serving of it and logging on here would be hard. I just found a calorie range that works for me (1600-1800 calories a day) and arrange my meals and snacks around that. I've been doing well with losing weight over the last (almost) two years now and also recently hit the 50 pound mark. I'm hoping that once I hit the maintenance stage that I'll be successful without having to rely on logging food every day. Yes, I'll still have to be watching my calories and portions, but maybe it won't be so bad.

I also don't really have a goal weight in mind, I'm just taking it 5-10 pounds at a time and seeing how in shape my body can get. I'm headed home for the long weekend and plan to see family, most of which haven't seen me since the holidays last year. I've lost a good 15 pounds since then, so I'm excited to see everyone and hopefully get some encouraging comments!

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