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SHDenver 11-10-2011 01:59 PM

New to fitday and thoughts about motivation
Hey guys,

I'm new to fitday and trying to lose my remaining weight. I was at 324 when I started on Monday and currently weigh 315 while doing approximately 1700 calorie days. (I'm fairly certain this is water weight mainly.) I was 435 at my heaviest and had gastric bypass surgery in August of 2009, helping me lose about 140lbs. This halted when I had to get a second job to pay hospital bills back last year and didn't keep up with the lifestyle. I've been able to keep most of the weight that I lost off, but have gained about 30lbs back in the last year and can eat pretty much what I ate before. (Just to make it clear there's no blame here but for myself. It was a privilege to be able to have that surgery and lost the weight that I have and I recognize my choices have led me not to follow as I could have.)

I'm liking fitday because of the goal weight vs. calories consumed thing, but see myself adding calaries as I progress. How have people kept from doing the "Oh 100 more today won't hurt." which turns in to "500 more once in a while is fine." which then leads to not tracking anymore because I don't want the "system" to tell me what to do. :) (Perhaps I know myself better than I thought.) Not sure if anyone has had that problem, but if you have, how have you kept from psyching yourself out?

Of course like any other weight loss, it's up to me to stick to the goals. Just wondering if anyone had tricks or something they use when our overeating addicted minds start to exert their force.

Also will accept "Suck it up" and "Just do it and don't make lame excuses, whiny baby." as an answer. :)

(I see a lot of people have their stats included at the bottom of their names, including weight loss with dates. Is this something that can automatically be generated by fitday or are they just signatures you update?)

Joined Fitday 11/7/11 at 324lbs
Current: 315.4lbs

mecompco 11-10-2011 04:45 PM

Hi Shawn. I hear ya', brother! If you look back on some of my musings over the last 16 months I've been on the forums you'll find lots of this stuff addressed. The good ol' 100 Plus Pounds to Lose thread in Diet Tips will keep you busy for a while (when you're not out exercising, wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

Eat less, move more, drink many bladders full of water (and then some) and enter every blessed thing that goes into your celery hole into FitDay is what has worked for me.

You are always welcome to PM me as well. It's nice to talk with someone who has the same issues sometimes.


PS The sigs are not automatic, you need to create/update them manually.

VitoVino 11-10-2011 05:46 PM


How have people kept from doing the "Oh 100 more today won't hurt." which turns in to "500 more once in a while is fine." which then leads to not tracking anymore because I don't want the "system" to tell me what to do. (Perhaps I know myself better than I thought.) Not sure if anyone has had that problem, but if you have, how have you kept from psyching yourself out?
I pull up my shirt and take a look at my gut when that happens. I am NOT kidding. It works for me because I get angry and more determined.

SHDenver 11-10-2011 06:05 PM

Vito, thanks I actually did that the other day and it was a good motivator :) I was also taking pictures every month or so and putting them on my computer for a tracking. Stopped when I started to gain back but will continue.
Michael, as soon as I posted I had the brilliant idea of looking back through the threads and saw exactly what you're talking about :) I didn't see the 100 Plus Pounds to Lose thread in Diet Tips one, so will look after this. I've definitely seen the motivation you've given to people and fitday should hire you are their PR person. It's awesome. Thanks for the advice! I'm doing an H20 challenge in my office and yesterday drank probably 300oz or more. That may also be why I'm losing :)

VitoVino 11-11-2011 02:45 AM

You're welcome, Shawn. I thought I'd add another thing I find motivating. Reading the forum, surfing the net for weight loss tips and finding healthier foods to eat, these things are motivating to me as well. So the bottom line: reading as much as I can about good nutrition, realizing the things I'm doing wrong and how some minor changes can make big impacts. This motivates as well, big time.

I guess the reason would be is that all the knowledge is very empowering. And once you feel empowered the motivation really gets pumped up.

Stick around and feel free to ask more questions. I'm no expert, just got all my on the job training like everyone else here. But we've all got tricks up our sleeves that we'd be more than happy to share.

Best wishes.


SHDenver 11-11-2011 03:37 PM


Thank you, I feel like I've become pretty knowledgeable about nutrition over the course of the last 3 to 4 years or so and hope that I can be helpful on the forums as well. It's applying that knowledge in the face of food addiction that has been the problem for me over the last year. I think this site and all of you guys will be very helpful for that, because I'll have some accountability.

I'm going to try P90x next week, it will be interesting to see how that works out, after I throw up a few times :)


SHDenver 11-14-2011 10:26 PM

So it's now been a week and I've done really well so far. I know one of my biggest issues can be doing well and then letting things “slide” for a bit, as if I’ve reached my goal.

Interesting, I just read an article about a woman who found motivation in “not” talking about her weight loss efforts. I’ve considered this many times, because I think that sliding happens because there’s a part of me when someone gives a compliment, who feels like I must have reached my goal. Or maybe that part just wants it so bad that subconsciously I behave as if I have to appease it. This whole thing is a mind-*uck most times.

Funny thing I’m considering while working with this site is that even after I reach my goal I’ll have to continue counting calories. There really isn’t an end to this and if I want to be healthy I just have to make that normal and find joy in it. Not recreating the wheel here, just considering.

The joy has been there this week and I’ll be using the site to make sure I’m sticking to it.


Since joining Fitday
11/7/2011: 324.4lbs
11/14/2011: 310.6lbs
Goal Weight: 220lbs by 5/1/2011

mecompco 11-15-2011 12:36 AM

Shawn, history shows that I am unable to maintain a healthy relationship with food on my own. I fully intend to continue to log my calories into FitDay for the foreseeable future. I know most people probably don't have to do this, but for some of us, I think it's the answer.


PS Great first week--build on the momentum and keep it up!

SHDenver 11-15-2011 02:33 AM

Yeah gotta keep honest with it. Thank you Michael!

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