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Default Goals

When I started on fitday (1/3/10) I set my first goal for the end of March 1st and it was to lose 40 pounds.

I reached that goal thismorning going from 415.8 to 374.6.

I was wondering what is better to do a long term goal (have seen a few that had end date of November) or a shorter goal.

I felt like I was more accountable for what I was eating cause I had a shorter time to lose the weight.

What does everyone think.

Is it better to have a shorter or longer goal?

My new goal is 340 by April 25.
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I think both are the way to go. You should have a short term goal to chart your progress and a long term goal to where you wanna be/stay for your lifestyle.
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Your doing great and a inspiration to us all. I agree with lucusmarcus that the only important thing is to have a goal, it may be best to have short term and long term goals at the same time. It gives us a target to shoot for. I know it makes you feel good to beat your goal like you have so far this year. Keep at it and keep us posted.
Good luck
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