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I haven't personally tried green coffee beans extract but the extract is said to have some serious weight loss advantages--who knew! Check this page link removed Our bodies are so complex and while these things help weight loss, nothing is better than working out and eating clean, right?

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There is a lot of scam for that kind of product and be vigilant at links that you found in the web. There are a lot of fraud online about natural weight loss products.

Buy from legitimate companies! Know that if you find a site with only one page for ordering, know that it is a SCAM.

Health professionals can be found online. After buying from a non legitimate site, my research has brought me to Win in Health. In addition, they take care of you ... in short, I particularly recommend for the confidence they give me. Beware of fraudulent links!

Looking for true green coffee? Trust me, that link is legitimate!

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Default Buyer beware

Hey guys! I realise this thread is a bit old now but I agree that you need to be careful what brand of green coffee bean extract you take. Often they are not standardised and contain much lower amounts of the active chlorogenic acid than they should. The one I have been taking has 50% chlorogenic acid and also no additives/preservatives. Got if from the link below and have been very happy with it!


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the agave is really good, it's like a honey substitute for me. I don't usually use a sweetener at all, but when the tea is really bitter or strong the agave takes the edge off and it's 100% natural.
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Default reply

When I started taking this green coffee bean extract, I weighed in at 198 lbs. In four weeks, I lost 6 lbs without changing anything. I have to say, however, that I have since modified my diet to continue this weight loss so I'm watching what I eat and work out an hour a day. I will check in again to update my results. I have read a lot of the reviews and all I can say that not everything works for everyone. I used to use something that you sprinkle on foods before you eat it and gave me severe stomach cramps.I have got many information about green coffee bean extract by reading an article.The following is that article.Hope you can benefit from this.

What is Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Strictly speaking, green coffee beans are regular coffee beans that haven't undergone roasting yet. When you roast coffee beans, they lose much of their chlorogenic acid. Drinking green coffee bean extracts can help patients who are obese and want to lose weight. It can also be used to treat diabetes and various heart-related diseases. New studies show how ground green coffee beans can facilitate a steady weight loss in patients when consumed daily, even without the help of any other diet or exercise.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Benefits

-Aid in Weight Loss. Green coffee bean extracts are very useful supplements in helping people lose weight and body fat.

-Regulate Blood Pressure. It also aids in controlling blood pressure. Green coffee beans contain greater amounts of chlorogenic acid than normal coffee beans to reduce hypertension directly through the blood vessels.

-Reduce Blood Sugar Levels. Coffee Bean Extract leads to the reduction of blood sugar levels in diabetic patients, with the promise of possible lowering of glucose levels as well.

-Faster Metabolism. It is believed that green coffee bean extracts can spur on a modest weight loss in approximately 12 weeks by inciting a faster metabolic rate caused by the extract's abundance of chlorogenic acid.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Recommended Dosages

People suffering from high blood pressure in mild cases may take green coffee bean extract (Naturex, Svetol) 185mg or 93mg daily for reduced blood pressure for an approximate 28-day treatment.

People who are looking for a weight loss supplement can take in green coffee extract (Naturex, Svetol) from 80 to 200mg daily. They can also look to another type of extract called GCA or Applied Food Sciences in dosages of 1050mg or 700mg daily.

People with diabetes may have to wait for further research, but in some studies, patients took green coffee bean extracts between 100 to 400mg with water which resulted in a lower blood sugar.

Who Should Not Take Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Pregnant and breast-feeding moms are not advised to take green coffee in any form or supplement, as it is not fully proven to be safe. Those who are experiencing a high level of homocysteine should shy away, as a large amount of chlorogenic acid increases plasma levels and risk heart-related conditions. People who have anxiety and bleeding disorders should not consume it, as green coffee beans can make it worse. The amount of caffeine in coffee beans are significant enough that diabetic patients may want to avoid consuming it as well. Those who are suffering from diarrhea should stay away, as the caffeine content may make it even worse. Glaucoma patients would also want to avoid caffeine, as it increases pressure in the eyes. People diagnosed with osteoporosis should not take green coffee beans as it can increase the volume of calcium that is flushed when urinating.

Green Coffee Bean Extract Side Effects

Consuming large quantities of green coffee bean extracts and supplements may cause unnatural nervousness and restlessness, vomiting and nausea, insomnia, an increased heart rate and breathing, irregular heartbeats, headaches, agitation and anxiety, and possible ringing inside the ears.

Other Drugs That May Affect Green Coffee Bean Extract

Other supplements and medicines such as herbal stimulants or those who already have caffeine in them should be avoided. It is best to ask your doctor or physician first before proceeding.


www.best-dietary-supplements.com/ About green coffee bean extract/green-coffee-bean-extract-review

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Default Regarding: Green Coffee Bean Piils

This is what happen to me: I ordered the pills directly from the site and got 3 jars of pills for over $100.
When I started using them all they did was totally dehydrating me, just removing all the water from my body leaving me sick and weak.
I had to stop taking them and thought to myself: "If it sounds too good to be true it usually is"

I learned my lesson so now I am exercising and counting calories; the old fashion way.

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