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Default 8 Tips for Keeping Allergens at Bay in the Workplace | Avery Eisenreich

We often associate allergies with the outdoors, where pollens and spores are free to spoil summer days for those sensitive to them. But the truth is that we are exposed to allergens (any substance that causes an allergic reaction) everywhere – including in the workplace. And allergies are very common.

The most common triggers of indoor allergies are dust mites, fungus spores, animal dander and other substances that are found in many offices, including the mold that grows on top of plant pots or in other damp areas and grass and tree pollens that get stuck to colleagues’ clothes.

If you are allergic, your body responds to it as if it is a harmful substance. It produces an antibody called immunoglobulin E to fight off the allergen.

Here are 8 tips for keeping allergies at bay in the workplace:
  • Nasal decongestants: Nasal decongestions, found over the counter in local pharmacies, can ease that blocked-up swollen feeling you sometimes get in your nose when you have hay fever. They help you reduce the swelling in your nasal blood vessels – a common symptom of hay fever.
  • If your eyes become swollen or itchy, splash your face gently with cool water. However, be careful not to rub near your eyes when drying as it may create more irritation.
  • Promote a scent-free environment – politely request all employees and visitors to refrain from bringing scents into the office and to eat all foods/snacks in designated areas simply because there may be allergy sufferers in the office with life threatening conditions. Place signs in high trafficked areas and at the front entrance.

Read More: 8 Tips for Keeping Allergens at Bay in the Worplace
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