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Is it possible to get all neccessary vitamins and nutrients only by having proper diet? Isn't there any necessity of additional supplements?
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Vitamins come from fruits and vegetables, so I believe unless you have specific dietary needs, if you are eating a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables you are probably getting the vitamins your body needs. Many vitamin supplements are poorly made and contain a lot of fillers so you don't really know what you're actually getting.

I found a very noticable benefit from eating vegetables. I recently increased my vegetable intake considerably. Most are fresh or sometimes frozen vegetables. After about a month, many of my aches and pains are gone. I never saw a doctor about these aches and pains but just considered them to be old age setting in.
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Most of us must have noticed at least one character in our surrounding who is on the right path and being benefited by these good nutrition effects. People do live longer if they are in good physical condition. Besides this, healthy physique keeps a doctor away. Consequently as you are healthy and not having medicines, you are away from their side effects as well, this in a way contributes to your health as well.
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Default Hello

Less chance of getting sick
weight Management
better mental function
more energy
Growth and development

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Originally Posted by pierrenaa View Post
The effects of good nutrition in the body are as visible as the effects of poor nutrition in the body. The difference is that bad nutrition can destroy the body, while good nutrition supports and strengthens the body . Therefore, the best goal in life is to maintain a lifestyle that promotes good nutrition.....There are more than the previous 5 effects of good nutrition, but they go a long way to help you get started on a healthy lifestyle if you pay attention . By the way, if you can not pay attention you may have a better nutrition ! Avoid sweets and highly refined foods too , because they can cause excess bacteria that can even be fatal if it is not controlled (Candida ) . By providing the right fuel (food) in your body is allowed to run at its optimum capacity , keep you healthy , happy and fit for years and years, with benefits extending even to the next generation .
You forgot, good nutrition helps you keep up your energy, boosts your immune system, feeds your brain and helps you sleep better! Oh, you did say only 5 things and that would have made it 9.
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Here are five nutritious foods
1. dry fruits
2. milk
3. eggs
4. fish
5. fruits

If you are healthy then no disease at all in your life. You can life a healthy and active life with their routine. Its also good for your hairs then you don't need to hair Transplant
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effects nutrition

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