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babscohn 02-18-2013 04:07 PM

Here I go; new to site and wanting support!
Hi all,
My name is Babette (Babs):), & I will be 48 on March 11. I have been overweight to some extent basically my whole life, but became a weight watchers lifetime member in mid-2004. I got there after 3 wonderful kids & surviving thyroid cancer. I kept it off for a while, but had to be more active than I'd ever been to make it happen. Then 7 years ago today I had surgery for a return of a thyroid cancer tumor in my neck lymph nodes; the recovery took a long time, & working out went out the window. Since then I have regained 70+ pounds. The good news is that I have continued to make better food choices. SO, here I am, ready to focus & get healthier; I do have a supportive environment at home, work full time now (which doesn't always help), & have realized that I know lots of information, so I figure I can be successful again.

Looking forward to getting to know folks; let's do this together!!

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