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tedhoyt 11-22-2010 01:10 AM

Newb guy says Hi!
Hi! Trying not so much to lose weight, really to lose some body fat. I'm 6'2" and about 197lbs. SOmewhere around 22% bf. Would like to get to around 17% within 6 months without muscle loss. I CrossFit 4x a week, and run sprints 2x and do a 10 mile time trial 1x a week. When I started this journey 3 years ago I was pushing 235lbs and had borderline high lipid panels. So I'm hoping will help me get to the "next level" of me. I try to follow a Paleo Zone type diet, though right now my focus is on getting 125 g protein a day and trying to keep as close to 3200 calories a day I can. Great site!


bobbienne 11-22-2010 01:17 AM

Welcome aboard Ted...I just started this week...I don't do anywhere near the exercise you do, but I guess that goes to show you that this site has something for everybody.

Lots of success!

tedhoyt 11-22-2010 03:28 AM

Thanks for the reply Bobbi. Congratulations on your first week!

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