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Old 11-22-2012, 08:29 AM   #211 (permalink)
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I made it ,5 pounds lost during 1 month. Awesome!
Award to myself:

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Old 04-19-2013, 01:40 AM   #212 (permalink)
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Just revisiting and taking it TTT. If it's something I need to reread, it may be something someone else needs to read too

Mini Goal Weight-220--MET! 01/25/16
Ultimate Goal Weight-TBD

Current Weight-218.8 (January 25, 2016)
When life throws you curveballs, it's up to YOU to decide whether or not you swing away or go down looking. I'm choosing to swing away.
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Old 04-17-2014, 09:59 AM   #213 (permalink)
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For the longest time I kept telling myself I wasn't fat, even though the sizes on the clothing tags kept going up. Sure I knew I was packing on a few pounds but I quit smoking and Hey, I felt entitled (stupid I know). It didn't really hit me just HOW fat I was until I picked up some photos that I got developed at Walgreens. I was quickly sifting through them and found one I didn't recognize (being that I am the camera person). At first glance I was like who is this fat woman sitting at my table...after looking closer at the picture, to my horror, it was me!!! What a reality check.

I quit smoking nearly 7 years ago - when I weighed 139 pounds. I now weight around 180 (don't weigh in until friday) and while slipping back into my lazy rut for awhile, I have been back at the exercising for a week now (why is the longest I've done it consecutively in YEARS). So over the course of the past 6.5 years I've packed on over 40 pounds...disgusting! I never had excuses because I lived in denial that I was fat.

Great thread!
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Old 05-01-2014, 12:32 PM   #214 (permalink)
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Thank you for bumping this thread. I needed to read it. I have made every excuse in the book but now that I have actually started losing I realize I was just lying to myself.
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Old 05-01-2014, 12:41 PM   #215 (permalink)
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I need to read this thread and see how many I have used. I think I'll start a sister thread for reasons to lose.

Restarting Jan 11th, 2014
Starting weight: 201.6
Current weight: June 9, 2014 181.4
June 30th goal = 170

Ultimate goal Undecided ? 150 to be assessed once maintained for a while
Height 5' 3"
Age 67
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Old 05-01-2014, 04:51 PM   #216 (permalink)
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Sounds like a great idea Mary.
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Old 01-04-2016, 03:22 PM   #217 (permalink)
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It's that time of year again. I had to dig this up and read it as a wakeup call.

For those that don't know, the "harshness", the stern talking and the name calling was directed towards myself. I didn't want to sugarcoat it... because I would have wanted to eat it. If this rings true for you and hits home, or strikes a nerve... good. As long as it can push you to make a change in the right direction.

I have since went back to my excuses. I got comfortable and guess what? I got fat again. When I bend over to tie my shoes, my gut gets in the way and I lose my breath. All of this is my doing, or undoing, depending on how you look at it.

I have a slew of excuses I could come up with:
1) I've had a back injury (boo whoo whoo, my back feels fine now, that's no excuse anymore)
2) I broke a toe (no excuse, while my foot isn't 100% and may never be, it's good enough to put some miles behind these shoes)
3) Stress (Building a house can be stressful but I can't eat my way to completion of the house)

So if you are new here, or never read this, give it a whirl. Good, bad or ugly, it is what it is. I hope this will touch at least one more person to make it through this journey!
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Old 01-06-2016, 04:07 AM   #218 (permalink)
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Great post, Mike. Just what I needed.

Over the years, I have used many excuses as to my shape and size but the truth is I am fat.

I always say that I am short and round but it is also just an excuse. The fact is that while I will always be short, I don't have to be round.

Thanks for the wake up call. No more excuses!
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weight loss tips

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