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Default Motivational Quote of the Day

When I used to think about weight loss, I would be discouraged at the thought of how much time it would take to reach my goal. It overwhelmed me to the point that I would just give up! It took me a long while to understand that if I gave in to the time it would take to accomplish my goal, that I would never reach my goal. I needed to just take a deep breath and do what I needed to do to move towards my goals. I needed to set small goals along the way and not look too far ahead. Regardless of the number of pounds, it's a good idea to focus on short term, attainable goals. This way, you'll feel a sense of accomplishment throughout the time it takes to reach your goal! As I continue along this path, I constantly need to remind myself of that. Set small goals and work towards them and eventually I'll end up at my final goal. The time this takes does not matter.....the time will pass anyway! Grant yourself the time...it won't happen overnight...but if you persevere...you will reach your goal!!! It's not easy, but it's worth it...YOU'RE WORTH IT!!! I look forward to reaching my goal! How about you?


"Never give up on a dream because of the time it will take to accomplish it."

Starting Weight - 141.6 lbs (29/Sept/14)
Short Term Goal - 136.6 lbs (31/Oct/14)
Goal Weight - 120 lbs (aiming for February 2015!!)

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FitDay should have a "Like" button.

Start (1/9/14): 276.8
Goal (Summer, 2015): 130ish
Current: 246.8

Age: 43

Next mini goal 238 by 10/17
17.8 lbs to go until next bigger goal.
Would like to be as close to ONEderland by Christmas as possible.
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You Don't Always Get What You Wish For,
But You Always Get What You Work For.
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Very true. Thanks for the quote.
HW 195 Jan 2013
GW 135 Jan. 1, 2017
First Goal: 175
August 15, 2014 179.4
Goal: Jan 1st 2015 162 lbs.
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