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Default Accountability and Motivational Thread - June 23 - 29

Good morning all! I normally like to start out the a positive note, but unfortunately for me it's starting out on a sour note. I dug my head out of the sand this morning and got on the scale. I'm waaaaay up...up from the low 120's to the low 130's! I'm sure some of it is water weight, but it can't be 10 pounds of water so looks like I've really messed up . I've been overindulging in sweet wine coolers way too much and clearly all that excess sugar and carbs are packing on the pounds. I'm not taking this lying down and I'm going to do my best to turn this sinking ship around! My plan for this week:

Weigh in on Mondays (when I weigh in on Friday, I end up letting things slid too much over the weekend. I'm hpoing by swtiching my weigh day, I can stay more on track on the weekends instead of going hog wild! )
40/40/20 macros daily
Stay under 1200 cals daily
Burn 500 cals minimum daily

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This is a reminder to all who have stumbled! Together, let's take several steps forward this week! Also a friendly nudge to all the lurkers out there, please feel free to jump in and post here! I'm always amazed at all the views we receive on the Accountability and Motivational threads...but clearly many more people are viewing than posting. We're a friendly bunch, so jump right in!


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Nyda - I agree with Jenai...it really does help to have a place to come where everyone else has similar goals. I have fallen down so many times I've lost count, but there's always a friend here on fitday that's willing to offer encouragement. With all the time you devote to your gardens, they must be beautiful!

Jenai - How did you do with the yummy dinner? Did you manage to stick to your portion plan? Sorry to hear your back is still out! My shoulder is still causing me issues too! I know that's part of the reason I've slipped since I haven't been able to exercise like I normally would. I've order myself a TENS machine that shoudl be here this week...hopefully that helps!

Bea - Where are you? We haven't heard from you since you were going to the movies? Hope all is well!

Libby - I'm loving this weather too!! We got the pool up yesterday afternoon and it's half full. We'll finish filling it today and get the salt in there and hopefully be swimming in it in a few days! The kids are so excited!

Hope, Jenn, Aimee, Mary, Terri, Mike, Laney, Becca - How's it going?

Have an awesome day all!
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Thanks for the birthday wishes!

1. Eat within carb limit 40 per meal
2. 6 glasses of water (gonna be a warm week so this shouldn't be a problem)
3. Exercise 4X for 30 min

Personal goals
1. cut back lawn
2. clean out hall closet

My friend sent me pictures from my birthday and I can definetely see a difference in my face from last year to this year.

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Old 06-23-2014, 02:04 PM   #5 (permalink)
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I need to add a few additional goals to help get me back on track:

Daily Goals
96 oz. water
40/40/20 macros
Stay under 1200 cals
Burn 500 cals minimum
8 hours of sleep
Weigh in on Mondays

Jenn - You should post the pictures from this year and last year!!!
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Hi everyone,

The movie was awesome!

I'm thinking I need a break. Not from healthy living, just from reporting I am a lone wolf at my very core, and I need breathing space. I am still at 298, and started my period this morning! so am glad to see I didn't jump 6 pounds this month!

I'll be back, but for now, I need to breathe and do some things on my own. It might explain why I am 50 and never married I THRIVE on answering only to myself!

I don't know how long a break I need, but when I feel fulfilled on my own, I'll be back!
Keep it up!! I will be keeping on keeping on

See you soonish

Start (01/10/14) - 352.9
FitDay Start (02/28/14) - 333.7
Restart Weight(08/10/15) - 312.0
Current Weight(08/14/15) - 304.7
Long term goal (12/25/15) - 270.0
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1) strrretch daily
2) control eating
3) short walk 3x this week
4) 6 glasses water
5) Spanish
6) work, no matter where
7) meditate
8) get rid of 5 papers or 3 items

Thank you, Debbie! And thanks for the motivational quotes!!

Happy belated birthday, Jenn!!!

Nydia, good to see you here!!

All best to you, Bea!!! You seem to be doing so well, TOTM and all. I like your attitude: keep on keeping on.You're always welcome back!!!

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hello am here to post my goal. I have to be to work at 11am so this will be short.I sincerely hop all are improving and getting over their woes. I had to go see a chiropractor to get my back up and running. I al so use a back brace like I'm sure we have all seen,
SO any way here are my goals

1 drink more water and less soda
2 will not buy and eat any type of donuts or cake
3 post everyday

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First off I want everyone to give them self a BIG HUG. Wrap your arms around your self, close your eyes and take a deep breath. This is a cyber group hug.
We are all important to our selves and each other.
Let's make today a new beginning.

Goals for the week
Calories between 900 and 1400:
Drink water - two glasses before every meal and in between meals:
More moving and less sitting down:
Eat more greens:
Report daily:
Lose 1 pound:

We had unexpected company drop in so I made a meal to please them but was not so good for me. Then I put out dessert and of course I ate it too.
I didn't feel well when I went to bed last night and slept in this morning so I am getting a late start today. I need to turn things around and be selfish,
putting my needs first. Today is a new beginning. I want to be accountable to my self and this group. Starting today let's make this a good Summer,
the Summer of losing weight.
4'11 1/2" tall
Goal weight: 117 lbs.
Mini Goal: 169 by New Years Day
First Goal: 164
Second Goal: 148
Third Goal: 132
Fourth Goal: 117
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Libby - I love your enthusiam today! Funny thing...this morning I was feeling a little down because I had hoped to be at goal by summer...not having gained. Then I thought, oh well...nothing I can do now but to make this a summer of weight loss. So I'm very much with you on this! The summer of losing weight!

Bea - Sad to see you go...I'll miss your sense of humor here...but I'll be happy to see you again once you return. All too often, when I'm not doing well, I shrink away from the group here...I hope that's not how you're feeling and that you really just need some alone time. In the meantime, be good to yourself and keep your eye on your goals!

Nyda - I've been seeing a chriopractor for at least 15 years! It helps temporarily, but not permanently...for me at least

Hope - I keep readin about the benefits of meditation, but never seem to find the time to fit it in. How long do you meditate for?
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