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I always weigh my vegetables raw and then cook them. Once they're cooked into a soup I can't take them back out to weigh each vegetable very easily. lol At least I imagine that would make a big mess with broth everywhere.

I like the taste of raw cauliflower and cabbage but I can't eat it anymore or at least I feel I should cut back on that, because I was told I have subclinical hypothryroidism so I read that I should avoid raw goitrogenic vegetables. It's a shame because when I was cooking them I'd eat some raw and some cooked and that was fun.
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Just wanted to throw out this idea...I have never been a broccoli fan, but last summer a friend charcoal-grilled some, and it was delicious. It totally changed the texture. I'm in love!
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Originally Posted by cjohnson728 View Post
The answers given are not necessarily incorrect. While there is some truth to the fact that cooked vegetables can have slightly more calories due to starches generated in cooking, that is not what this question refers to. If you search "broccoli, cooked" in FitDay, you get about 103 calories per cup. If you search raw, you get about 30 calories per cup. The difference in cooked and raw forms does not account for 70 calories, no way, and no matter how much more your body supposedly has to work to break it down. The FitDay search function is such that you have to specify cooked, fat not added in cooking in order to obtain the accurate measure, if that indeed is how it was prepared, as Frenchhen noted above. Same goes for frozen fruits; for some reason it assumes sugared unless you specify.
Thank you for this response - - it was helpful and answered a lot of questions !
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I've been eating a lot of broccoli lately (kind of tired of it now). I usually buy the florets, frozen. It's amazing what a nice hefty-looking bag of frozen vegetables produces, once the contents have been cooked. I can smoosh that cooked broccoli into a cup measure and wonder at how small it got...
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