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Default Weighing the pros and cons of different milks


I've just restarted this whole diet thing again. Whee! While being able to fit into clothing again would be pretty sweet, I'm mostly doing this so that I can be healthy.

Okay, enough preface.

As of now, I'm trying out a whole foods and no sugar diet. I'm kind of stuck on milk though. I tend to like dairy and dairy substitutes, but milk itself is kind of gross. I've tried almond milk, but feel guilty about the amount of water it takes to make it, especially since California is the largest producer of almonds and is currently in a pretty terrible drought (if the news is correct). And I have to be careful with my soy intake, as I have hypothyroidism.

What milks have you tried? What are your experiences? Inquiring minds want to know.
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I like skim milk. I'm just so used to it now that other milks taste to me like they have too much fat.
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I use almondmilk--plain for cooking and unsweetened vanilla for protein smoothies. I also use 2% lowfat Greek yogurt for many things both savory and sweet. I do eat cheese but only about 3-4 times a week. Lowfat cottage cheese is something I eat very rarely, like maybe every 2-3 months--I just don't particularly like it, but my DH eats is almost daily! On the other hand, I eat chicken fixed some way at least daily and somedays that's about all I do eat! Vicki
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hypothyroidism, milk

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