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Default Chocolate Cinnamon Oatmeal (with an unexpected ingredient)

I made an interesting breakfast this morning.
1/2 c quick oats,
2 dashes of cinnamon (with the shaker top),
2-3 tsp of sugar (I didn't measure),
1 oz of crushed walnuts, and.....
1 c of Atkins Creamy Delight Chocolate shake!

I cooked it in the microwave for about 2 minutes, it was a little too thick for me so I added just a splash of milk. Wow, it was good. The combination of cinnamon and chocolate was wonderful, and the crunch and meatiness of the nuts was super. I've seen lots of people put chocolate chips in their oatmeal, so I thought why not chocolate Atkins, which will add fiber and lots of protein instead of the empty calories of chocolate chips. It was really a good breakfast! It was a little high at 490 calories, but it's got a healthy 17.7 g of protein and 10.9g of fiber. Not to mention how healthy oatmeal is for your heart! Filling, too.

Start (1/9/14): 276.8
Goal (4/21/2015): 130ish
Current: 233.0

Age: 43

4 lbs to go until next mini goal. Target Aug. 8, 2014
Next big goal: ONEderland 12/25/2014

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I love the empty calories of chocolate chips - ! - but now I'm going to try making oatmeal with skim chocolate milk! Thanks for the idea!
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Very creative, Jenai--and healthful, too. Your sharing that may liven up breakfast for a LOT of people.
Age 68, 5 feet tall
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FitDay starting weight 1/17/2011 240 lbs.
Weight 6/25/2014 233 that obviously included a lot of water retention
Weight 7/13/2014 224.6 with an eye on "Onederland"
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