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VitoVino 11-10-2011 10:05 PM

WARNING: Custom food nutrient **rounding off**
Have you noticed that when you create a custom food, enter a micronutrient value in decimals, that after you've created the food, the number is now rounded off?


If you enter .4 % for Magnesium and 3.6 % for Calcium, after you create the food the Mg will now be displayed as 0 % and the Ca will be displayed as 4 % for that single serving. This might make someone think that FitDay wasn't doing what it should.

Here's the tip:
Enter the decimal percents the way they should be for the serving, and don't worry about this "rounding off" after you create the food. That is just the way the numbers are DISPLAYED, but in reality the numbers are accurate.

I know this because in my above example, I entered .4% for Mg for a single serving, created the food, and the single serving then was displayed as 0% for the food. But when I doubled the serving and recalculated, the display now changed to 1%. Six servings and the Mg reads 2%, seven servings and the Mg goes up to 3%, and so on.

I'm not sure anyone has mentioned this before, and in a way it's something that needs to be considered. :cool:

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