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Calex123 02-20-2010 06:14 PM

Deleting/Editing Custom Foods
Is there a way to edit or delete a custom food once it's been added to my custom foods list? Thanks!!

ellenallen 06-17-2010 11:35 PM

custom food question
Once you add a food to your custom foods list, is there a way to delete it? Hope someone can answer that for me!

m330 06-23-2010 01:57 PM


Originally Posted by ellenallen (Post 13716)
Once you add a food to your custom foods list, is there a way to delete it? Hope someone can answer that for me!

Go to your custom foods list and find the one you want to delete... click the magnifying glass icon to go to the edit page... and there you'll find a delete button.

mrhoads20 07-07-2010 01:32 AM

Daily Food Log
How can I delete a food record error? Pleae let me know. Thanks.
Mary Ann

NessaSonic 07-07-2010 01:35 AM

to the right of a food, there should be a red x you can click that will delete the item.

Joanne2009 12-28-2010 04:27 AM

Any way to edit your recent food list?
My recent food list is getting full of foods I don't usually eat - is there any way to delete some of the foods?

mecompco 12-28-2010 12:06 PM

Not that I've found--after a while they drop off the list if you don't enter them again. I'm not sure what the algorithm is for keeping them.

I usually just use the "more" and go through my recent days--this is great as you can check off as many foods as you want and add them all at once.


franwhit 02-06-2011 06:37 PM

deleting custom foods
How do you delete a custom food? I can't glean the answer from any of the questions already answered:confused:

mecompco 02-06-2011 07:50 PM

Fran, welcome to FitDay!

Actually, this took me a while to figure out myself, back along. It's really pretty easy.

Click on View my Custom Foods

Click on the name of the food you wish to delete

Up at the top are several blue "buttons", on of which is labled "Delete"; click it and that food is deleted from your list.


franwhit 02-06-2011 09:34 PM

Thanks mecompco, I just wasn't looking close enough............

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