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Default Why should people with arthritis exercise?

I've always heard that people with arthritis should exercise, but other then it's generally good to exercise...

Since arthritis is painful, wouldn't exercise just make it more painful and cause more damage?


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If it's low impact exercise, it's going to give the benefits of exercise with less stress on the joints.

Exercise will strengthen some muscles. A physical therapist can advise which muscles need the most attention to give the most benefit. Strong muscles also help take stress off the joints.

I think those are the reasons to exercise with arthritis.
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Default Workout suggestions for people with arthritis

@Kathy13118 is right on! Low-impact exercise helps reduce the symptoms of arthritis by strengthening muscles around your joints, boosting energy, maintaining bone strength, and more. Some great recommendations for effective, low-impact workouts include water aerobics and resistance band training. You can adjust the intensity of these workouts depending on the severity of your arthritis. I'd recommend getting a combo pack of aquatic gear like this to start out:

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