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Originally Posted by LChang3 View Post
I always thought that losing weight involved high-impact, cardio exercises. Now I've been reading that walking is a great way to lose weight slowly. By losing it slowly, you'll keep it off.

I've read several sources on this, including Mayo Clinic's, and here is what I gathered on this:

1) A balanced, healthy diet is key and should be coupled with the exercise.

2) Try to walk briskly and perhaps challenge yourself when you can (little hills, etc.).

3) You can start with 30 minutes a day, but build up to 60 minutes. Try to be consistent.

4) Don't forget to do some sort of resistance work (crunches, lunges, weights, etc.)

Of course, walking can be incorporated into a more vigorous exercise routine and it seems like a great thing to do when you want to "rest."

I'd like to hear your thoughts. Has anyone hear had success losing weight through walking? What have you done? What are the best times to walk? etc.
I am one of the people who have problems with weight, walking afternoon for 30 minutes was my routine every day and was able to lose my weight quickly, in addition to running outdoors I also used to use the treadmill. please try this may also work with you.

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I was losing 1 pound per week, consistently, with just walking and being considerate of what i was eating. it was easy for me because i had a dog who required a good walk everyday; usually at least 3 miles.

my biggest surprise was when my dog stayed at my parents for a while; i stopped walking for a few months and in that time, without changing my diet, I gained 20 pounds!

so, while walking definitely helped me lose a little weight, more importantly it was keeping weight off. another thing i notice is that when I am consistent with walking, my stomach flattens out more.

this is just my experience.
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