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thank you. it is so inspirational. i like it.
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good luck ChaiKitty, can reach the goal with a perfect

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Default I love Eat to Live!

I have been been "plant strong" for almost a year now, and I have lost 53lbs! I think the biggest difference for me has been cutting out meat, dairy, and sugar. I was/am addicted. Once I cut them out, my overeating stopped almost completely! I am tracking my progress at vegan human relations - Blog.
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Default Follow the plan exactly not half way

Originally Posted by JuneGard View Post
I've been following the Eat to Live plan for about a month. I lost five pounds the first week, but I figure that's because I gave up diet pop. I have not lost anything since. I have been weighing my food, writing down what I eat, I added one hour of exercise, and have lost two tenths of a pound since that first week. I read the book and know there's a couple of things I'm not doing right. I am not eating three meals a day. I've gotten into the habit of eating snacks, so am still doing that. Plus, it's hard to get an entire two pounds of veggies in otherwise. That's the other thing I'm not always doing....eating all the veggies required, but I try. Does anybody have a clue why I'm not losing?
ETL is hard but if you stick exactly by the plan it works. As a mid-30s female I know how hard it is find effective, sustainable solutions. I lost 21 lbs during the six week plan but I had to remain steadfast. It's important that you follow the instructions exactly as he lays out if you want results. If you snack throughout the day your body doesn't have time to digest the foods before you next meal. Fuhrman also shares that you don't have to eat the full two pounds just to do your best. I don't think I've ever eaten the full two pounds but instead tried my best to pack in as many veggies as I could stand to each meal. I had to get creative and there were days where I couldn't stand to eat another vegetable so I would just have some fruit as a reward for managing to eat a whole salad.

The other thing I found to actually work is to follow the plan to eat BOM (berries, onions & mushrooms) every day. It doesn't have to be much but these specific foods aid in weight loss. I continued on after the six weeks was up and lost a total of 44 lbs. Granted the weight loss didn't really look all that awesome until I started exercising. As soon as you have the energy I highly recommend starting strength and cardio circuit training. I used P90x and while it slowed my weight loss it tightened everything up to help me get down to the my goal size. I went from 195 to 151 lbs which for my body was the difference between a size 14 to a size 6. I was finally fitting into XS labels after all of the work and it was definitely worth it.

Of course then I started right back into all of my old habits and a 1.5 years later I gained back 35 lbs. I'm starting over again on my journey and working to make it stick. I wish you the best of luck with your own! Stick to the diet exactly as laid out and you will get results.
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Default Yes it works

Yes it works quite well once you follow the rules. It can be a challenge to get past your cravings and addictions for meat, refined foods and sugary carbs, but once you do it has worked for me. I have been following this way of eating for a couple of months now and have shed close to 40 lbs. I feel more energy and my mental fog has gone.
I am 65 and recently fell and crushed my left shoulder, had surgery followed by a lot of therapy. I don't plan to fall over again. Have been losing on average 3-5 lbs a week. Walk a couple of miles each morning and feeling good. Started out at 290 at 6ft 1in and am now down to 252. I do not get hungry between meals.
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The Flexitarian Diet :
The term "flexitarian" is a combo of two words: flexible and vegetarian. Basically, you're a vegetarian with wiggle room—if you have a craving for a burger every so often, you're free to chow down. Flexitarians focus on five basic good groups: protein (mostly tofu, beans, lentils, etc.), dairy, fruits and veggies, whole grains, and sugar and spice. Each day, you're supposed to follow a 3-4-5 plan: 300 calories for breakfast, 400 for lunch, 500 for dinner, plus two 150-calorie snacks.

The name speaks for itself. It's very flexible. This diet is best for people who like to have an idea of what to do but don't like having too many rigid rules to stick to.
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I am so new to this. And, I started the Fuhrman Diet. I can't believe how much this carbaholic looks forward to salads and fruits. However, I seem not to be losing weight. I started it a week ago Monday--so, about a week and a half in. Am I not drinking enough water? I can't believe that all this healthy eating would cause me to gain weight. I would love advice, please.
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Check the calories. Maybe in the beginning, you're eating more calories than you would be later in the diet, when the novelty has worn off. Drinking water not only helps you feel full, along with food, but it brings it to your attention that you are using too much salt - if you are.
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Originally Posted by awoodiette View Post
I am so new to this. And, I started the Fuhrman Diet. I can't believe how much this carbaholic looks forward to salads and fruits. However, I seem not to be losing weight. I started it a week ago Monday--so, about a week and a half in. Am I not drinking enough water? I can't believe that all this healthy eating would cause me to gain weight. I would love advice, please.
Try cutting back on the legumes and fruits. I'm very glad to see that this diet has helped so many people—I'll have to research it more thoroughly myself—but to me the recommended four servings of fruit a day seems like a lot. I know I can only have one, maybe two, servings of fruit per day if I want to keep losing weight. Legumes also have a significant amount of carbs, so you might be overdoing it on those.

I also don't drink soy milk, and I only have tofu maybe once a week because of the indications of soy causing hormone imbalances. Of course, this is still being debated but I'm erring on the safe side. I eat fermented soy products like miso and tempeh because the potential toxic effects of soy are minimized when the beans are fully fermented, which they aren't in soy milk.

Congratulations to everyone who is having success with this diet! It's great when you find something that works for you.
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Default Never been so excited about a "diet"

I, too, am new to this. DH and I just started pushing the meat, dairy, sugar, and oils out of the house after a very disappointing latest try with Atkins (NEVER AGAIN!).

I never thought I would like eating like this... I LOVE IT!

I never thought I would lose weight eating like this... 4 lbs in 6 days.

I never thought I would have any energy eating just plants... have tons!

I never thought I would feel better forgoing eggs and skim milk... it took over a week to feel great on Atkins. With ETL I felt better after the first day!

I always heard (through Atkins, Weight Watchers, etc.) that you need some oil in your diet to keep your hair and skin from becoming overly dry, let alone to keep your bowels moving properly... not so! I drink enough water so I'm not thirsty or black tea with Truvia instead of sugar or Aspartame and that, along with all of the veggies have kept my bowels humming very nicely. (Much MUCH better than on Atkins!) And my hair and skin are just fine.

My twin brother has been eating like this for over a year now and lost 80 lbs. My DD introduced me to it and explained how it worked. Skeptical at first, she said she tried it for two weeks and lost 3 lbs.

Bottom line, this is the most logical way to eat to be healthy, get down to your goal weight, eventually (hopefully) drop the meds for high blood pressure and high cholesterol, etc., feel outstanding, and NOT have to count calories!

I still eat popcorn as a treat in the evenings if I want it. I will still scramble an egg now and again frying it with water instead of butter and adding lots of chopped of veggies to make a scrambled omelette. I still drink skim milk now and again. So, I would say I'm Eating to Live 98%. The main thing is to dump the SUGAR, the ADDED salt, the PROCESSED foods, and fatty dairy.

I don't see this as a "diet" but rather the complete opposite of a diet. It truly is a way to live.
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