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Pyramid Plan = Healthy plan for me.
After being with Fit Day for one month and checking my nutriant counts frequently; realized that my previous diet, WW and whatever else I wanted to do, was not working. Now WW does encourage more fruits and vegetables. Still seems to discourage breads/starches. I haven't been with them for over a year, but some WW diet successful friends still go. I found I was low on some B vitamins, also calcium. Trying to get my nutrients up without counting the supplements I have added. Omega 3, Multi, Calcium and D. I really believe that the Pyramid plan from the US Gov. meets more of my nutrition needs. Found a 1200 caloried diet chart at and printed the chek list off. Will add water up to 32 oz a day as well. So far with my tracking and diet experimentation have lost 7# this month. Right on track for the .2 per day I want to loose.

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