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Much of the weight loss industry likes to focus on overweight Americans. That’s where the money is for them. But the truth is, much of the world is overweight, too.

Studies showed that in 2000, 45% of adults all over the world were overweight. Overweight people are more likely to have chronic health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and knee arthritis. Overweight people also die at younger ages than persons of normal weight.

Many overweight people want to lose weight to improve their health and their appearance. Because so many people want to loose weight and doing it is difficult there are many commercial weight loss programs on the market. Many are expensive, capitalizing on the huge demand. Of those programs many are ineffective.

Each year millions of Americans and Europeans enroll in commercial and self-help weight loss programs. Health care providers and their obese patients know little about these programs because of the absence of systematic reviews. Unfortunately, many patients and their doctors know little about the effectiveness and safety of these programs, either.

Few high-quality studies have assessed weight loss programs. Many of the existing studies present the best-case scenario because they do not account for people who drop out of the program. he evidence to support the effectiveness of major commercial weight loss programs is limited. Patients considering the use of commercial weight loss programs should realize that these programs have not been carefully studied.

So, do weight loss programs really work? Some do in the short term but long term results are doubtful.

The real effective way to lose weight is jsut what we all want to ignore: behavioral change done

diligently over time.

Changing behavior over time and engaging in a regular exercise routine is what will take excess weight off and keep it off. There is no magic potion, pill or program. Change behavior from what you eat to how you eat it, how much you eat and when is the key to long term, sucessful wight loss.

It comes down to more calories used each day, called “burning calories,” than taking in, called “eating.”

If you are fighting obesity haphazardly, start to change your behavior TODAY. Use a smart yet systematic approach to behavior modification. It will take time but the long term benefits and permanent weight loss will be there!
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Weight loss not easy task but when you right path then do it
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Weight loss programs work when you work with it. When you religiously follow them.
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To reduce weight it becomes necessary to understand cause behind it, may be metabolism, diabetes, genetic, thyroid, insulin resistance and etc. Fats can be targeted based on three aspects sub cutaneous fat muscle correction and visceral fat.
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weight loss is not easy i think for weight loss u have to use sports habit like football. football is the good sport for weight loss.we have to watch world leagues and football cups for interest in football so that's why we can be used to paly football like nowadays Afcon 2017 live
has started.
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green tea is also the best solution for weight loss.
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nuts also can hepl u to loose weight.
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diet, health, tips, weight loss

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