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Default Finally moving...

May 14th - 138
June 14th - 133
Goal: 128

Will be weighing myself again in a week or so. Would love to see number sooner, but am out of town, and like to be consistent with the scale I use. 5 lbs/month isn't too bad. For the first week or so scale absolutely would not budge. Did start adding in water (if things don't move along, wont see a change in number) but clothes felt different. Would like to lose about 5 more before my birthday (July 25th), I want to order a pina colada and coconut shrimp without weighing, measuring, or feeling any guilt.

My biggest challenge is making sure to incorporate exercise everyday. Would be easier if I had someone here every day that wanted to walk with me. My sister was here for a couple of days and went with me.
I walk anywhere from 35 min- 2 hrs. I also do dance dance revolution (good music to dance to) :P and also hip hop abs with Sean T lol.... should I be adding in weight lifting? I wish I had a gym membership, so I could really work legs(leg extensions and leg press) because I hate doing lunges and squats .
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