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Originally Posted by ToriD1012 View Post
Do we have to walk/run them? What about biking, swimming, etc? Thoughts?

Yep, agree with Mike, sounds like you are thinking "tri". That would be awesome. I did one last year and the year before, just the short one "Try-a-tri". It is really good to train for. I was running, cycling, weight training and swimming for months . This year, sadly no, even though I have lost weight I have had physical problems that have stopped me from doing this. That being said, I am up for swim, bike and run (well walk for now) but I think it might stop others from joining us on the walking challenge. Lets just do the walking challenge and then others can participate and do whatever they want for other exercises. Running should count though. Are you swimming? There are other swimmers here and some who plan to (Donna). I generally swim 1-2x/week. I do early bird swimming and it's only open 2x/week.

Mike, need some motivation, watch Arthur's transformation again .

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