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Hi there....I had the gastric bypass surgery 4 yrs ago. I actually did not qualify with my BMI I was right under it, but I had sleep apnea, pcos, diabetes, and hypertension, thus I qualified. The place I had it done at had a nutritionist, a psychologist, the bariatrician, and the surgeron. I had to see the psy and nutritionist each month once a month prior to surgery. I had to keep food logs, eat as if I had the surgery, and see the psy for preparing me for surgery, how to stop being an emotional eater because after surgery wont be able too.

I have kept my weight off but let me tell you its not easy to do. The best rule of thumb is not to test the waters. You are new to the surgery, the first two years you are ok....but then the weight will creep up on you. My friend had the surgery same time I did, and she has gained 50 lbs. She tested the waters too much and now she can tolerate sugars and things more. Now she cannot lose the weight.

For me,I think because it was more of a health reason than wanting to just lose weight I took it more seriously. Right after surgery, all I did was drink water, and drink protein drinks, yet 2 days after surgery I was at the hospital in the outpt getting IVS due to being dehydrated and slight infection. I dont understand how.

I learned how to eat with people and still be sociable, but look at foods differently. I totally changed the way of cooking. Also, my taste buds did change. But I cannot tolerate sugar at all no matter how little, no mayonnaise, sauces, creams, ketchup, etc. If I try to eat rice or bread, then I wont be able to eat much protein. Other times when eating those starchy foods, I tend to throw up because it gets stuck and hurts like hell. Furthermore, need to take time in eating. Space out when you drink your fluids. Use equal or splenda. I do not like splenda. If I drink coffee I will use an equal. You can have lots of flavors if you experiment with herbs and spices. I hardly ever use salt as well.

Always remember protein first, lots of water, but must not drink and eat at the same time, at least 30 min prior to eating and after eating before drinking. Chew slowly, use small utensils.

If you can find a therapist or psychologist to help you with dealing your emotions that would help you to succeed even more.

Also exercising really helps with the emotional part of it. Its another way to let it all out rather than eating it. Find something you like to do and don't think of it as exercise. I did the gym thing, I hated it, thus wouldnt go. I started to go zumba....took me a while to find an instructor I liked. Once I did I was an addict doing 10 hrs a week of it. have fun ...enjoy life and not make it about food.
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