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Default editing some custom foods in Fitday 2.0 created in Fitday Classic gives error

This probably isn't a high-priority bug, but I have noticed that some of the custom foods I created in Fitday Classic cannot be edited in Fitday 2.0. I can get to the "Edit Food" screen and make changes in the text boxes, but when I click on the "Save" button, the changes are not saved and I see the following appear in a message bar above the "Edit Food" text:

An error has occurred!

This doesn't occur for all of my custom foods, only some of them. I haven't done extensive testing, but older custom foods (created during or before perhaps 2008-2009) seem to be affected, whereas custom foods created more recently than that seem to be unaffected by this bug and are editable in Fitday 2.0.

In any case, even the custom foods I was uanble to edit in Fitday 2.0 were editable in Fitday Classic.
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