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(Broken into 2 since it's so long)

10. Move to a New Apartment
Whether you’re moving in with your girlfriend or you can finally afford that awesome apartment with rooftop access, moving house is practically a full body workout. Especially if you have to haul boxes them up stairs.

Calories Burned: 311

Better change my apartment once a month since this is a nice easy way to burn calories.

9. Wake Up with Hatha Yoga
Wake up with a half an hour of hatha yoga to warm up your muscles and clear your mind for the day. Download a free podcast to guide you through sun salutations, or simply grab your mat and work through the poses you know. Afterward, you'll feel more awake than you would if you had drank two cups of coffee.

Calories Burned: 107

Back on track temporarily.

8. Climb Up Subway Steps
Feel like running errands around the city wipes you out? You have good reason. If you skip the escalators and opt for stairs every time you hike out of the Subway system (sometimes the stairs seem endlessly long!), you’ll torch an insane amount of calories.

Calories Burned: 285

I always take the stairs at the station and it accounts for about 3minutes of my day, don't know what kind of stations you are going to where you can log 30 minutes of this.

7. Vacuum Your Floors
Vacuuming your apartment doesn’t burn a high amount of energy, but it’s a good excuse to get off the couch and get moving. Plus, she’ll definitely notice the clean floor. Points to you.

Calories Burned: 90

Lame sexual reference #6

6. Wash Your Car
Next time your car is dirty, skip the crappy gas station job and do it yourself. Come on, it’s summer after all — what better way to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon. Throw on boardshorts, grab your girlfriend and have fun getting sudsy together.

Calories Burned: 200

I don't know what sudsy means but I think that might be another lame sexual reference.

5. Rearrange Furniture
If you haven’t given your apartment a good spring cleaning yet, you better get on it. That means moving the furniture and cleaning underneath it, too. And if she wants to rearrange everything for a different look, help her — the lifting is a good workout.

Calories Burned: 266

I rearrange my apartment 4 times a day, don't you?

4. Play Beach Volleyball
If you want a perfect beach game, opt for sand volleyball. Running on sand is a tough cardio workout but low-impact and easy on your leg muscles. You'll feel it the next day, but your spike-winning points will be worth it.

Calories Burned: 355

I'll accept this although not many people have beach access.

3. Fix-It Projects with Heavy Tools
Every man has his to-do fix-it projects around the house. And while it’s annoying to have a list looming over your head, bite the bullet and pick up a hammer. It's good for you — most heavy, non-power tools require shoulder and core strength to operate.

Calories Burned: 355

We are really scraping the barrel to get 30 now.

2. Mow the Lawn
When you cut your grass, using a push mower, as opposed to a riding machine, requires push-and-pull motion that mimics lifting in the gym. To boost your upper body strength and have a nice looking lawn simply put in your iPod and go.

Calories Burned: 244

I'll accept although not many people have lawns.

1. Swim
Hands down the best part of summer: getting wet. Whether you’re a marathon surfer, cliff jumper, or weekend beach goer, swimming — a killer cardio/ muscle-building workout — slashes calories super fast. Watch out Phelps.

Calories Burned: 266

At least they tried to save the article with this one.

So I'm just p!ssed off about wasting my time reading this and I apologize to everyone who had to read my even longer rant about it.

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