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Default 30 Easy Ways to Burn Fat in 30 Minutes (Without the Gym!)

I came accross this article the other day (I won't name the website it was on) and by the time I had finished reading it I was pretty damn angry about all the cr@p I had just read. I expected it to be as the title says "30 easy ways to burn fat in 30 minutes (without the gym)" yet what I found was almost the opposite.

30. Walk to Work
Not able to get in your workout? Take a hike. Walking for 30 minutes at a brisk 17-minute-mile pace burns almost as much as jogging two miles on the treadmill would.

Calories Burned: 178

OK, the article is off to a decent start, advocating walking rather than driving/taking public transport to work.

29. Grocery Shop with a Cart
Believe it or not, grocery shopping is good exercise — even if you use a cart. As you cruise around the store, lifting and pushing movements work your shoulders and core. Thirty minutes of grabbing food and you’ll be hungry for a snack.

Calories Burned: 155

Not exactly something you plan as a work out but at least it burns calories.

28. Shoot Pool with Your Friends
Need a good reason to go out? Here’s one: for every couple games of pool you shoot at the bar, you’ll burn almost the same amount of calories as there are in a 12 oz. bottle of Budweiser.

Calories Burned: 111

Well as long as you like pool I guess it's OK.

27. Cook a Romantic Dinner
Get on her good side by whipping up a romantic candelit dinner for two. Turns out, cooking is great exercise as you employ your core and arm muscles to chop, move pots of water... Point is: after a few hours in the kitchen, you’ll be ready to chow down.

Calories Burned: 111

You'll soon see why it's "cook a romantic dinner" instead of just "cooking" as this article soon falls off the wagon.

26. Sit or Stand at Your Desk
No guy likes feeling chained to his desk. But if you sit up straight and move around every hour or so, you can burn off lunch. Standing is even healthier (if you can score an elevated desk) because you'll snuff 22 more calories per half hour.

Calories Burned: Sitting, 71; Standing, 93

I don't know anyone who lies down at their desk so this is kind of moot.

25. Clean Your Apartment
Next time your lady asks for help cleaning, grab a rag and get dusting. A general apartment cleaning (think: windows, mirrors, kitchen, floors, bathrooms) burns calories at an alarmingly high rate. Plus, she'll be so thrilled you can probably convince her to have post-cleaning wind-down sex.

Calories Burned: 155

Lame sexual reference #1

24. Ride at a Local Skateboard Park
It should come as no surprise that skateboarding is a good workout. Go ahead, as a throw back to your childhood, screw around on a board for an afternoon at a local skate park. The sport engages your fast-twitch muscle so you can stay balanced as you shift your weight.

Calories Burned: 222

I'm guessing that of people older than 20 less than 1% skateboard, so fairly useless.

23. Get it On with Your Woman
Good news guys: sex not only feels good, but it’s also a sweet cardio workout. Go ahead, spice things up with your girl by suggesting role play or trying a new position. Trust us, there’s a reason you're exhausted at the end.

Calories Burned: 207

Lame sexual reference (or was it less subtle?) #2
Just a side note, Fitday logs vigorous sexual activity at a lot lower than this amount so what is going on?

22. Play Pick-Up Basketball with Coworkers
The stop-and-go high intensity of a pickup basketball game is just what you need to torch a bunch calories fast. During your lunch break, grab a ball and coax your coworkers to play. Thirty minutes of 5-on-5 and you'll definitely break a sweat.

Calories Burned: 355

If you're into basketball and their is a hoop nearby then sure, but how often is that the case?

21. Cycle to Work
Live across town from work? Here’s an incentive to commute on two wheels instead of four: if you cycle into the office for 30 minutes at a medium-intensity pace of 12-13.9 mph, you’ll burn off two bowls of cereal by the time you reach your desk.

Calories Burned: 366

Live in a big city? See that space on the sidewalk? And this might be nitpicking but having walking to work and cycling to work in the same article kind of defeats the point for me.

20. Bartend for Friends
Next time you throw a party, step in and play bartender. Mixing drinks for your friends for 30 minutes burns the same amount of calories in a shot of vodka. Plus, you can talk it up with the sexy neighbor girl over the bowl of jungle juice.

Calories Burned: 111

Lame sexual reference #3
Ever bartended before? In 30 minutes you can mix a lot of drinks, more than enough for how many friends and "sexy neighbor girls" you invited. Not to mention that if you want to burn calories it might be best to stay away from the temptation of alcohol, just saying.

19. Relax in a Sauna
Steaming your muscles in a sauna is a great way to relax after a workout and promote faster recovery. Plus, you’ll sweat off a handful of calories and it’s good for your skin, too. Enjoy.

Calories Burned: 84

85% of saunas I know are at gyms...

18. Shovel Your Sidewalk
Winter’s over for now. But if the U.S. gets pounded with snow in 2014 like it did this year, you better have a shovel on hand to move it. Bundle up and crush calories outside with this awesome total-body workout.

Calories Burned: 266

I'll accept this one even though it applies to very few people.

17. Shower with Your Girl
Looking for a way to spice up your relationship? Take a hot shower with your woman and enjoy lathering each other up. When you're finished, towel dry her body and head to the bedroom... use your imagination for the rest.

Calories Burned: 70

Lame sexual reference #4
Could have just said spend 30 minutes in the shower instead of 10...

16. Host a Badminton Tournament
Want to throw a cool beach party? Pack a 6-pack of beer, barbecue stuff, and a badminton set and head to the water. Invite friends and set up a day-long tournament. Winners get to throw losers into the ocean.

Calories Burned: 200

I could write a book about all the things wrong with this one but I'll try and relax before I start googling how to DDoS this website where I read all this cr@p.

15. Stretch Out Your Muscles
Believe it or not, stretching your muscles works stiff limbs and uses a surprising amount of energy to do so. Grab a floor mat and burn calories while you improve your flexibility.

Calories Burned: 100

And we are back to easy ways to burn calories again, thank goodness

14. Go Bowling for a First Date
It doesn’t matter if you suck at bowling. On your first date, take her to the bowling alley for a few games. You'll score a bit of exercise and you can crack a few jokes about your horrible skills. If she’s cool, she’ll laugh and think your sense of humor is hot.

Calories Burned: 133

Lame sexual reference #5
I wanted to read an article about easy ways to burn calories not a 15 year old girl's diary.

13. Whip a Frisbee
Catching and whipping a frisbee for 30 minutes works your upper body and core muscles and it's so addicting it'll barely feel like a workout. Bonus: a frisbee is light and small so you can always have it on hand in case you find green space or a beach.

Calories Burned: 133

Ever thrown a frizbee for 30 minutes? Yeah, that's what I thought, not so addicting after all. I don't carry a frizbee around with me everywhere mainly because I'm not a 1970's hippy.

12. Fight Fires
Firefighting is so intense it's one of the top professions for highest calories burned per hour. These guys work so hard and wear such heavy gear, they torch hundreds of calories per hour depending on the size or intensity of the fire.

Calories Burned: 355

The Coup De Grace! Better go change my career quickly...

11. Downhill Ski
If you have a buddy who’s getting hitched next year and you have to plan a bachelor party, consider this: host it at a Colorado or Vermont ski resort. Alpine skiing is a killer leg workout and you can max out the apres-ski nightlife to celebrate his last days as a single man.

Calories Burned: 266

I don't know how easy it is for you to pack up and spend a weekend at a ski resort but for me that's kind of time consuming.
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