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Do you use the "recent foods" button and link? Most of us eat a lot of the same foods fairly regularly.

So if I click the "recent foods" link, it shows what I've eaten for the past 2 weeks (I think), and you can go back beyond that as well. You can just check the boxes of what you ate in the past to add to today's food log.

I'm just counting calories at this point. I know I'm eating healthy (low carbs, no junk food, no sugar, lots of vegetables). Because I don't care about anything but calories, another time saver for me is not obsessing about entering every single ingredient. If I make a recipe from a magazine and the recipe says it's 480 calories per serving, I'll just try to find a similar item and adjust the portion size until it comes out to 480 calories (rather than entering all the individual ingredients individually).
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