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Originally Posted by ToriD1012 View Post
Didnt we say no excuses? The "the doctor said...." bit sounds a LOT like an excuse to me.

Okay, let me see if I have this right... Aparently I wasn't paying attention when I dropped the hammer on c-dizzle...

Originally Posted by carolynnq View Post
Dang! I'm back in. I thought I'd be able to brag that I was kicked out of a forum and banned for life. Mike - if you had taken your vitamins last week as Tori tried to get you to do, maybe your hammer would have fallen in the right place.

Hello, jho. It's good you came back!

epixi - I think I'd go crazy trying to keep on top of sodium, protein, etc. Good for you for doing it. I have enough problems just keeping track of calories. I know I'm eating good foods, so I'm thinking that maybe when I get to a final weight, I'll start looking at other things.

Libby - good for you for getting into the 170s! Losing a pound in a week IS good progress.

Renewed Soul, congrats on the 29 lb weight loss! Even though you say you still have a lot to go, that's still a big accomplishment. I like to visualize the lost weight as 5 lb bags of flour. I bet you can feel a difference in ease of movement.

Edited because I was so interested in what you guys were saying, I forgot my goals:
1. 45 min extra movement a day (avg over week)
2. avg 1400 calories or less
3. avoid white flour, sugar items
Originally Posted by ToriD1012 View Post
Hahahahaha Bubba, you got called out. Hahahahahahahaha
Originally Posted by 01gt4.6 View Post
Actually at my last Dr. visit he said that vitamins can actually reduce the affect of my adderall.
I didn't take my vitamins because my doctor said it diminishes the affect of my medicine that helps me pay attention. Soooo... it's safe to assume that if I WERE taking my vitamins that I wouldn't have caught that I actually banned her and get it fixed (my attention would have been even worse). Right?
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