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Thanks for starting the thread this week, Tori!

Hello Jho! Pleased to make your acquaintance! Welcome back!

Goals for the Week:
  • Log everything, no exceptions (nibbles and "tastes" count!):
  • Maintain adequate daily hydration:
  • Maintain a 7-day rolling average between 1200-1550 calories:
  • Maintain a 7-day rolling average between 800-1300mg sodium:
  • Maintain a 7-day rolling average of at least 16g fiber:
  • Some sort of physical activity 4x during the week: ...(0/4)
  • Study every day:

Extra Credit (trial goal):
  • Maintain a 7-day rolling average of at least 30g protein:

Adding extra protein shouldn't be too difficult. What will make it more of a challenge is trying to keep all the elements in balance (high fiber, high protein and low sodium) while keeping the calories low AND eating things I actually enjoy. A "diet" full of crud I don't like won't last long. Been there, done that. Failed.
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  • Target BMI: under 25 (apx 15 to go)
  • Desired BMI range: 22-23 (apx 25-30 to go)
Net loss since highest = 76.25lb
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