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It's too hot to do exercise so my stats are starting to get bad

Goals for this week:

1. Eat at least 5 meals per day M-6, T-4, W-4, Th-6, F-5, S-5
2. No more than 500 calories per meal M-45/316/380/96/296/811 (bleh), T-198/193/302/339, W-57/280/210/447, Th-57/249/453/57/274/1890 (for shame!), F-114/57/551/179/1835 (for shame again!), S-114/504/137/231/304
3. Under 2k calories/day M-1944, T-1030, W-993, Th-2978, F-2726, S-1289
4. More than 2.5k calories out/day M-2987 (very inaccurate I think but that's what Fitday reckons), T-2211 (still think this is inaccurate), W-2343, Th-2774, F-2575, S-2103
5. More than 750 calorie difference M-1042, T-1181, W-1349, Th-(205), F-(152), S-813
6. Learn 3 Korean things everyday M-조각 engraving/영원 eternity/원한다면 if you want, T-음신 pregnancy, W-nothing, Th-잠탱이 sleepyhead/임마 you little sh*t/똥강아치 dog poop (used as a cute nickname, don't ask me why), F-다시쓰기 recycle/불타는 고구마 fiery sweet potatoe (term used for someone who has a red face from drinking), S-nothing
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