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hy kathy,the problem of digitalalbum is that she want to gain wain,not that she want to become obese or supraponderal.u have a little right,also the number of calories is important ,but about the protein and carb having the same nutrition value u are wrong.why?because our body take the nutrients from aliments and use them,not the number of i will give u one example,if u eat fish,fish have also his natural fat,but his fat contain quenzime omega 3 that is very usefull for the body,helping to regulate the level of cholesterol in blood,for example,but if u eat chips(who contain also oil) his nutrients are artificial,and the body doesnt use it or need it,so he send them in the adipos strat(fat cells) and u get fat8it is true),but u intoxicate ur body,and also bring with it cellulite,bad aspect of skin,and so u see,is not the same thing.u want to gain weight,but in a healthy way,not makink more bad to yourself.
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