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i know is very difficult to loose wheight when u are mom but i want to ask u something,u gain the weight after the pregnancy period or u just like eating(the same like me)?i have also problems with weight since child and i still try to find the way to my ideal weight,but what i can tell u is that if we make small changes in our present time,with time it will bring major changes in our body.for example.if u like drinking soda,in stead of 2-3 glases in a day u can choose just 1,if u like cooking u can eat also,but just to 'taste' from what u cook,if u like stake,dont cook it in pan,cook it on grill,if u like fast food also when u go with ur children to this kind of places try to look in menu and choose something with less sauce,or even the friets if u eat them,eat them without maionaise or ketchup,if u like the bread also(like me) choose the black one,or eat eaven the white one but less.take it slow and sure,not fast and then to fail,u know of course that yo-yo effect.and every month,or week(u choose) make a goal in ur mind to use less soda,or less breat and keep that level of aliment all the time in ur mind till u reach ur ideal working for sure,i tell u cos i try it on me and give resaults.i loose 30 pounds in half year.goodluck
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