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Default hy yandry,

i heard a lot of people who made the same surgery like u and what i can tell u is that they are very serious,but in the end it will worth the effort.the stomach is like a baloon,it changes his size but in the moment u make it shorter his capacity to expand is very small ,thats why u cant eat like before,but if u push it with solid foods it is the risk to explode and u will have a lot of pain,why?because he need a period of minimum 1month to recover his walls to heal,and with time u can introduce the aliments one by one till he accomodate with it,so i suggest to find the force in u and when u have hard moments with eating solid food just close ur eyes and think how u will look like in the end,the person u want to be.for sugar addiction i have a question for u:why u think that some people who were use to eat sugar after they keep a diet on a long therm they dont eat as much sugar like before and loose weight and they still keep their 'new weight'?because sugar is acctualy a 'drug' for more u eat,as much more ur body will ask for it.what i suggest u is not to keep i dont know what diet,but to change what kind if sugar u eat,for example:if u like chochlate,use the dark chocholate,if u like to put sugar in coffe put honey,if u like fruit yogurt,buy better yogurt cu 0 %fat and put fruits in it(what fruits u want).in this way maybe maybe for u will not be a big change,cos u will eat the same things u like,but for body will be a huge change,and i garanty u that if u will continue to eat like this,in a short time when u will want to eat sweeties again,u will not like it.i tell u cos i had prove it on myself.i hope i could help u with my advice.take care of yourself
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