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then ur problem is not actually a problem.if u want to gain weight i suggest u a easy and healthy way that for sure u will have the resault in short time.every MORNING make a milkshake with 3 eggs ,1 banana ,and250-300 mg milk(with minimum 2.8% fat) and drink it on empty stomach.the banana is hyperglicemic product so will increase ur insuline level in body ,and more insuline mean more fat ,the milk contain lactoze(sugar from animal product) that also help ur increasing of insuline,and the eggs are a very good source of protein so ur body need them and they are very afternoon u can eat what u want,and in EVENING i suggest u to eat carbohydrates like rise,penne or spaghetti,patatos(in all the kind of way:friets or boiled).the carbohydrate are the prime source or energy for body so the body will store them and u will take in weight.goodluck
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