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RenewedSoul--26 lbs gone? w00t w00t! that's what I'm talking about!! good job so far, you may be the inspiration I need to get back on track. looks like your goals are going well so far this week. I need to get my water in, I always do much better when I drink it....i just don't LIKE IT!!

Donna--suffering from inertia love it!!!

ian--so, what did the docs say WAS going on with your GF? and, yeah, the mere thought is enough to give one a heart attack. what's going on with learning Korean? if you don't mind me asking

epi--thanks for the kudos on reaching out to the missing. I know that if it wasn't for Mike, I would have given up long ago. but he nags JUST enough that I never will. goals are looking good so far, keep going! I too like yoga, haven't done Tai Chi and haven't a clue what Navrai is. one of my exes did Tai Chi and it was interesting to watch. he always seemed so mellow afterward

Robin--I didn't want to go too hard on Mike, he did me a good job last week, the least I could do was return the favor. If things keep going the way they are right now, you'll probably get to see one of the Wonder Twins patented competitions.
"I was sarcastically commenting on a couple of specific people who definitely have noticed and are too _____ to say anything"
the acronym that I would use to fill in the blank here is "CS". I'll let y'all figure it out for yourselves

libby--take the 0.4 loss and roll with it!! I maintained last week, which is a positive thing right now. If you keep up with those goals, you'll be in the 170s in no time! The Pizza Monster is one of my favorite Sesame Street characters. right behind the Cookie Monster. What are my dreams? to get out of double digits for the first time since like Jr High School would be nice.

Carolynn--thanks for starting us off. that's some serious suckage about your DH's email, the danish was justified if you ask me HAHAHA, the "mysterious JC" made me chuckle. give it time, you'll be decoding Mike and my acronyms in no time. when he and I get on a roll, it's quite entertaining.

Bubba--I'll get my miles in, don't you worry about me. even if I have to do them on the roads like I used to have to. TBM will just have to follow me and get runneded ober. and dude!!! the vitamins one was a gimme, and you're failing on it? TSK TSK!!!

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