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Um, the heart attack was a joke, it was my response to my girlfriend perhaps being pregnant. The time at the hospital was waiting for her to have things checked out since the doctor ruled out pregnancy after only asking 1 question. She has all the signs (dizziness, headaches, back pain, sleeping alot, too many trips to the bathroom) so this doctor hasn't convinced me of anything other than reaffirmed my beliefs that the healthcare system in this country is less than adequate.

Thanks for the info about Dr. Lam's Tai Chi, think I should check it out and give it a go when I stop being so lazy one day.

Goals for this week:

1. Eat at least 5 meals per day M-6, T-4, W-4
2. No more than 500 calories per meal M-45/316/380/96/296/811 (bleh), T-198/193/302/339, W-57/280/210/447
3. Under 2k calories/day M-1944, T-1030, W-993
4. More than 2.5k calories out/day M-2987 (very inaccurate I think but that's what Fitday reckons), T-2211 (still think this is inaccurate), W-2343
5. More than 750 calorie difference M-1042, T-1181, W-1349
6. Learn 3 Korean things everyday M-조각 engraving/영원 eternity/원한다면 if you want, T-음신 pregnancy, W-nothing
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