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Tori's Goals
1: Post daily, Monday-Friday (BF is only off Saturday and Sunday, and seeing as how we work opposite shifts during the week, the only time we really see each other is the weekends. I try to stay off the computer as much as possible during that time)--yes, yes
2: Spend 4+ hours with the Jassimonster--0, 2
3: 6 miles--0, 0
4: 64 oz water daily--no, no
5: Lose 1 pound. Seems modest, but it's better than gaining.--not sure yet
6: Send out mass pm to all the regulars that aren't here--one down, quite a few to go

No time for a long post today. Just got home about 30 minutes ago. LONNNGGG DAY! Catch y'all tomorrow.

Mini Goal Weight-??
Ultimate Goal Weight-TBD

Current Weight-??
When life throws you curveballs, it's up to YOU to decide whether or not you swing away or go down looking. I'm choosing to swing away.

Dory-Finding Nemo
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