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I posted and ran yesterday. Busy work day. Then in the afternoon, my husband's email got hacked. I'm the IT person around our house, so I was dealing with that. I didn't cook dinner and with the stress of dealing with his computer, I ate a packaged Danish. Calorie wise I was okay, but I still felt bad for not resisting and choosing something better. Eating an apple and some cheese would have been just as easy. I've thought about buying some yellow "crime scene" tape and draping it across my fridge and food cupboards!

Libby, a half pound in a week may not be what you were aiming for, but it IS progress.

Mike, that's great that you let Tori set your goals for the week. Now, get to it today!

Robin, no one's mentioned my weight loss, but being tall-ish, I hide the weight fairly well. I've worn the same clothes for the last 10 years, from 145 to 173. They were, however, getting very snug.

Tori - I enjoyed reading about your story - and finding out who the mysterious JC is!

RenewedSoul - good going on the weight loss. I was watching a show where the participants ate fruits and vegetables for 2 weeks. The idea was to eat as our gatherer ancestors ate. These people lived in an outdoor zoo enclosure during that time! It was cute seeing them show the children what they were eating. (And there was a pretty funny montage of the participants running quickly to the bathroom.) They ate fish once. At the end of the two weeks, they all had big drops in cholesterol levels, salt levels, insulin, etc.

- I didn't lose any last week either. Is the weight you're stuck at a weight you were at for a long time prior to your weight gain?

Originally Posted by iansteele View Post
I think my girlfriend might be pregnant, how many calories can I report it as if I suffer a heart attack?
I hope that's good news - I'm excited for you. (And if you have a heart attack, at least you'll probably lose some during recovery and after the doctors will put you on a diet.)

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I think some people might be a bit skittish nowadays to make comments unless they have specific knowledge that you're trying. What if the weight-loser has lost weight because they have some serious disease? What if they have depression? What if the weight-loser infers that, "if she says I look good now, does that mean I looked hideous before"? And then, some people are just insensitive, too absorbed in themselves to notice anyone else or are simply unobservant.
All good observations. No one has commented on my weight loss despite losing 25 lbs. Well, a couple of weeks ago, my husband suggested I might lose some weight. I was until I realized he was coming at it from a health perspective - he had just read how losing weight reduces the chances for diabetes. On the other hand, no one commented on my weight gain either!

And, epixi, despite your weight loss slow down, look at you with your navrai, yoga, tai chi, and taiko. If you hadn't started your weight loss journey, you probably wouldn't have done some of those. Even though I'm not losing right now, I'm still seeing some changes (like my arms getting firmer).

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