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My fave "go-to" proteins are:

deviled eggs
cottage cheese (either fat-free or low fat)
Greek yogurt (especially love the brand called Fage 0&#37
low-fat, low-cal yogurt
nuts (especially almonds)
low-fat cheese
Spiru-Tein chocolate protein powder (I stir it into my coffee and make a "muscle mocha")
light turkey/chicken/ham cold cuts
skim milk, soy milk, almond milk
New England clam chowder
finger jello

When I'm really low on protein, I'll "double-up" on them, like I'll put both cottage cheese and tuna on my salad, or 2 cans of tuna, or I'll make a taco salad with Greek yogurt and chicken (and maybe even a little rf cheese on top). Upping your protein is a little tricky, I'm finding that in order to get the right amount I'm at 4-7 servings/day.
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