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Default I'm so frustrated!

I purchased the premium membership about a month ago after using FitDay for a few days, and I have had nothing but problems with it. Most of the time when I log on, I am taken to the regular, "free," membership. When it stays in that mode, at least I can use it.

About half the time, though, the program tries to switch from the free program to premium after I've added about 2 to 3 food items, and that's when the problem starts. It doesn't seem to be able to switch, and it keeps crashing. Today I've been trying to use FitDay for the past 10 minutes, and I can't. It keeps giving me error messages and won't work. If today goes the way it usually does, I won't be able to add anything to my food log for at least an hour, or more.

Does anyone else have this problem? Why won't it just log me into the premium program when I log on?
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