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Carolyn: Thanks so much for posting the synopsis. More on that in a bit.

Epixi: I've been stuck at several setpoints in the last decade, but have often managed to move them. Sometimes it took serious determination (down), other time no effort whatsoever (up). I think 'Nature' still works on the principle of inertia, hard to get moving, but sometimes, also hard to stop.

I would think that your body can find a setpoint in the range that would be considered healthy for you. For me, it's not about 'society' (as my friends can attest), it's about more managing risk factors. And If I feel great, and look great at the same time, so much the better.
P.S. Thanks for the tip about the cereal. I'll look for it in the grocery.

Carolyn: And I'm with you regarding the FDO gene. As a child I ate like a hog, but ran it off. & The stat that setpoints tend to occur at 10-15% of bodyweight is definitely consistent with my experience. I hit my goal weight around the beginning of last September, so that's why I've been (thankfully!) on this long plateau, but I attribute that to continuing to log the whole time. Otherwise, I would let those weekends run over into the weekdays, and would have been back where I started. But I don't feel starved on my low cal days. Unless I go below 1000 cals, then I'm famished the next day. After a while eating well becomes second nature (no pun intended.)

Oh, and yesterday I had my first sweetened beverage in at least a year. Even though it tasted 'off' to me, I still couldn't bring my self to switch to water. Sweet tea seemed a better alternative than wine.

- Donna

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