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wow, it's been an active Saturday here.

Donna, here's a summary of Why Aren't Thin People Fat. I was at 150 forever. Now I can't budge from 145. Is the set point you've been at since last September a weight you were previously at? I was around 145 from about 2000-2010.

Epixi, I alternated from feeling depressed about some of the info in Why Aren't Thin People Fat to thinking, aha, maybe that's why I am the way I am. I'm pretty sure I have the FDO gene where you're genetically predispositioned to keep eating even when you're full. I did that even as a child - only I didn't gain weight back then. I've been trying (mostly successfully) to control that behavior, but I feel a bit better about it knowing that my body is pushing me to do it and I don't just do it because I'm completely pathetic and can't control myself. LOL at Oat Hell Fiber. I think I've been it Oat Hell before!

Set points can be moved up or down. And set points tend to occur when we lose 10-15% of our weight, or at weights we maintained at in the past. There's not much research on it though. From what I've read so far, one might be stuck at a set point for several weeks to 6 months (Donna - it's been 9 mos for you so far!!!) before being able to budge. Apparently our bodies have to become convinced that we're not starving before they'll let us lose more weight. Several sources recommended varying the types of exercise we do.
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