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This weeks goals:

1. Cals between 1200 and 1400 (rolling average) 1311, 1292, 1240, 1219, 1176, 1146
2. One green tea per day. M-Y. T-N (eek forgot), W-3 cups, Th- Y, F-Y, S-Y
3. Increase Omega 3. M-Y, T-Y, W-Y, Th-Y, F-Y, S-Y

Ouch Donna, so hard to find a low cal option when you eat out. I have been staying out of restaurants for the most part but when I have gone I have tried to enjoy the food and eat a SMALL portion (e.g., half a half order). And as far as breakfast I find that there are many healthy options........I usually eat a grain cereal of some kind (I am not watching labels for sugar but I am not eating sugary cereals either). Last week I bought a granola "boost" for Omerga 3- so I had a small serving of no-fat greek yogurt, a tablespoon of granola burst and a few berries. Yum.

Libby- I agree with the others that you need to find your own menu that works for you. I don't know about others kidney stones but my husband was eating too much junk food.

Renewed Soul it sounds like today's funk is some adjustment that your body is going through. It's probably a healthy adjustment given your raw eating. Ride it out you are doing so well with your goals. I'm with you, what happened to Jimmy's wifey?

Epixi, from what I heard set points can be changed. That's the hard part though, struggling til your body adjusts to a new one. I recently went through some plateaus as I was reaching the lowest weight I was ever at and I think that plateaus and set points are probably related. Donna you are at the longest plateau ever , I still think that the key is to increase cardio.

Six pounds to goal weight. I had set June 25 as my goal date but I don't really care about the date so much. I am losing too slowly to reach that now anyway. But I have to start thinking about maintenance. Part of my would love to give up logging but I am also afraid to I have been consistent since last Dec and it helps so much. On the other hand I think I have made some permanent changes to my eating, especially bringing lunch to work every day instead of eating take out.

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