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I hate it when the site gets groggy, Robin. When I can't log (for whatever reason), I use the Notes feature on my phone to note of everything I eat. I don't log any nutritional info (too painful to search on the phone), just the food and quantity. It helps me remember so I can log properly when I get back to Fitday.

Carolynn, I just watched the whole "Why Thin People Aren't Fat" documentary on Youtube. Overall, I found depressing. What if the weight I am now IS my setpoint, the weight I can maintain without any specific effort? What if "Nature" is saying this is my normal, even though "society" says I'm not acceptable as I am? Am I destined to a lifelong battle against myself if I want to fit in (literally and figuratively)? On the sillier side, some of the food combos those folks ate were, um, interesting, shall we say. Some of those combos would put me right off eating!
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