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Is it only 10 pounds that you are trying to lose and not able to lose?
Have you talked to your doctor about this?

' I have not changed my eating habits significantly because i already eat a balanced diet, if anything I have cut back on what I eat a little bit because of the lack of results.' is key.

You already eat a balanced diet and you've cut back 'a little bit.' It seems you really haven't changed your regimen that much - you exercised 3 times a week in the past and now you go 5 times a week. This is great for your health, but it doesn't make the changes to your weight that cutting out calories will.

Years back, I exercised at the gym and my regimen was almost exactly yours. The weight didn't come off, because I didn't cut calories. I felt great, however, and that is worth a lot!

On the other hand, before that, I lost about 12 pounds going from fairly inactive to almost daily workouts on the stairclimber. Why did that work? Because I went from inactive to active. You're going from active to a little more active. The results aren't as dramatic and - without cutting calories, negligible.

It takes a lot more activity to take off pounds compared to cutting calories.

'Eating healthy' or picking foods doesn't work nearly as well as just looking at the number of calories you eat every day, subtracting 500 calories from that and making that your goal caloric intake every day. Exercise as much or as little as you want but meet your reduced caloric intake goal and you will lose weight. It doesn't necessarily happen on a timetable you like but it does happen. At first, you will lose 'water weight,' no matter what foods you choose, as long as you're not eating a high level of sodium. Reduce portions, reduce weight. At some point, you'll be able to adjust the portions up instead of down, but you'll know what you're doing by then.
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