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I totally agree. The sense of accomplishment is a lot less when you're maintaining than when you're losing. You also stop getting all those lovely compliments and motivating remarks when you've been at your goal weight for a while. Maintaining is definitely still a goal to work towards and a lifestyle to have, but it's just a little bit more boring than losing!

Not that I have any solutions for this, just wanted to let you know that I agree. =)

Also, I find that I have false hopes as to what will happen when I reach my goal weight. I think that I'll be beautiful, happy, successful, in a positive relationship, etc. when I'm at my goal. However, that's never the case. True, my clothes fit better, I'm in better shape, and I have more energy, but weight's really just a number. It takes a lot more than that to change a life. I'm trying really hard this time to remind myself of that this time. Hopefully this will break the cycle of losing the same 20-30 lbs over and over again, trying to get to that goal weight, trying to be happy and being disappointed when it doesn't happen!

Anyone else experienced THAT aspect of the goal weight?
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